Ronnie Beukes

Over 20 powered paragliders took off from Broederstroom on Saturday for a flyby to bid farewell to legendary paragliding pilot trainer, Ronnie Beukes.

Ronnie, owner of Skywalk Paragliding School in Broederstroom and a long-time instructor passed away unexpectedly on 31 December at the age of 62.
Ronnie Beukes earned his national colours in PPG (powered paragliding) and was a member of the team that represented South Africa in the PPG World Championships, hosted by Spain, in 2012. He was one of a handful of instructors in South Africa licensed to train all the paragliding disciplines.
“It was with mixed emotions that the paragliding community bid farewell to Ronnie. On the one hand sadness for his sudden death, and on the other a celebration of the life of a giant and a legend,” said Stefan Ohsiek, chairman of the Paramaniacs paragliding club.
“Ronnie Beukes trained paragliding pilots for nearly three decades and close to a thousand pilots will remember his voice over the radio guiding them through their first flights.”
He is survived by his wife and two sons

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