More and more residents in Madibeng have taken it upon themselves to address the dire state of roads in the area.

A number of community members in Brits and Hartbeespoort have been fixing potholes at their own cost.

The state of roads in both towns has been ‘n big safety concern for a long time. Following recent fatal accidents on the Rashoop road just outside Brits, resident Bennie Dercksen and his team set to work the past week to fill the life-threatening potholes.

“Our people’s lives are in danger and something has to be done. We are currently busy with the Rashoop road and then we are moving into town on roads where mothers and children daily drive to school and back. At some places the potholes cover the whole lane and you have to drive into the oncoming lane. This endangers all motorists’ lives,” Bennie said.

“Safety is my passion and we continue to try en ensure our residents’ safety.”
So far, Bennie has paid for the repair of the potholes out of his own pocket, but it will be appreciated if residents would like to contribute. “We have already had motorists, appreciating what we do, stop and give donations. Thank you, we appreciate it.”

Contact Bennie on 076 573 2919 if you would like to assist in making the roads in and around Brits safer.

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