Farm workers in the Broederstroom area again fell victim to armed robbers during two attacks on Wednesday night, 30 September 2020.

Burglary. Skilful professional masked burglar opening a window and holding a torch and breaking into the house

At around 23:00 the group stormed the living quarters of a 42-year-old man and a friend, and broke the door down. “The man was asleep and was woken up by knocking on his door. Someone demanded that he open it. He pushed from the inside, trying to keep the door closed but they fired a shot and the man fled to the bathroom where he hid. His friend hid under the bed,” said police spokesperson, Colonel Adele Myburgh.

The robbers broke down the door and found the friend under the bed. He was assaulted and beaten with a steel pipe. The robbers fled with his money, cellphone, gas bottle and gas stove.

About an hour later, a group of six robbers attacked another worker on a nearby farm. “The 31-year-old man was woken up by noises and voices. He was scared and hid under the bed. The robbers fired a shot through the door and broke it down. They found the man under the bed and he was beaten and kicked. They fled with his wallet, money, cellphone and a grinder.”

The Hartbeespoort police are investigating house robbery cases.

A total of nine attacks on farms in Skeerpoort and Broederstroom have been reported to the Hartbeespoort police the past month.

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