Following the murder of a motorist on the R566 at De Wildt last week after he drove over spikes in the road that were set out by robbers, more incidents in various areas have been reported in the past week.

Police have embarked on an awareness campaign and operations to address the spiking incidents. Insert: The tyre of the motorist who drove over the spikes in De Wildt on Monday.

The police have embarked on operations and an awareness campaign to warn motorists, but robbers have continued with the activities, with incidents moving to the R513 in De Wildt, the N4 near Brits and the R80 near Rosslyn.

Since the 58-year-old motorist was shot dead in cold blood on 2 April, while changing a tyre next to the road, about four more incidents have been reported. In all these cases, motorists managed to drive on to safety and escape the robbers.

The latest incidents took place on Monday and Tuesday night this week. On Monday, a motorist drove over the spikes on the R513 De Wildt/Pretoria North road and managed to get to the Zilkaats Estate where he asked for help. On Tuesday night more spikes were set up on the N4 near Brits. Bakwena patrollers came to the motorist’s rescue.

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The police in Mmakau embarked on an awareness campaign on the R566 at De Wildt last week to alert motorists, travelling this road, about this modus operandi of robbers. Police in the northern Pretoria area have also issued warnings to motorists. The police urge motorists not to stop if the vehicle gets a puncture, but to drive slowly to a place of safety. Report suspicious activities on roads to the nearest police station immediately.

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