The spate of spikings and attacks on the N4 highway near Brits are increasing with five more incidents in the past week.

Police and neighbourhood watch members on one of the spiking scenes.

On Saturday night around 23:00 a man and woman were overpowered and robbed of cellphones when they stopped on the N4 near the Brits toll plaza. Police and Afriforum Brits neighbourhood watch members were looking for the suspects when a second call was received about another incident at the toll plaza. According to information, a taxi driver stopped about 20m from the toll plaza after trailer problems. Robbers appeared from the bushes along the highway and fired shots. The driver was allegedly shot in the leg and upper body. The suspects fled with money. The victim was rushed to hospital in a private vehicle.
In one of three spiking incidents on Monday night, a truck encountered spikes on the N4 close to the Brits toll plaza, puncturing two tyres. The driver continued for approximately another five kilometres before he had to pull over. He hid in the bushes until help arrived. Police and neighbourhood watch members waited with him.
These incidents follow three incidents in the same area the previous week during which a man was stabbed and a woman shot.
Police spokesperson Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone said this week police are now constantly deployed in the affected area, “although vast” to curb these incidents. “Unfortunately we have not yet arrested any suspects. We would like to urge community members to be alert at all times and to report any suspicious activities to the police.”

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