The little girl was born in her grandmother’s car when they had to stop to fill up on the way to the hospital.

 Samantha Pretorius with her daughter Kaylee, who was born at the Caltex petrol station.

Little Kaylee Pretorius, who was due in July, had other plans for her parents as she made her grand entrance into the world at a Caltex filling station in Pretoria North on June 20.

During the early hours of June 20, Tasha van Niekerk received a call asking her to take her daughter, Samantha Pretorius, to the hospital and on the way they realised that they needed petrol.

While filling the car tank, the soon-to-be mum, whose contractions had started earlier, realised that delivery was imminent.

Van Niekerk, a first-time grandmother, had to assist in the birth of her granddaughter.

They all had an exciting evening, welcoming baby Kaylee into the world. Tasha van Niekerk (left), Samantha Pretorius and Gerrit Viviers.

“Samantha was sitting in the back seat, and little Kaylee made her entrance into the world after a few pushes later. I wrapped her with the jersey and put her on Samantha’s chest then rushed to Steve Biko Academic hospital,” said Van Niekerk.

Van Niekerk did not cut the umbilical cord, as she decided to wait for medical assistance. Mother and daughter were both healthy and doing well after the birth and were able to go home the next day.

Pretorius said that the birth of her daughter was a blessing.

“I was so excited to meet her, I even painted her name on the wall to prepare for her arrival,” she said.

While Van Niekerk is still trying to clean her car following the unexpected event, she said that her granddaughter is a blessing after she lost her husband.

“It was all worth it, after the adrenaline kicked in, I was able to help my daughter and granddaughter. She is a blessing to our family,” she said.

Pretorius jokingly said that this would be her last child due to the experience.

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