Motorist slapped by traffic officer in viral video comes forward – Hartbeespoort police investigate

The traffic officer is seen slapping the motorist in a video that has gone viral.

The motorist who was slapped by a traffic officer in a video that has gone viral since the weekend has come forward after traffic authorities requested that he makes a case.

It has been established that the incident happened on the Pelindaba Road in Hartbeespoort last weekend and Hartbeespoort police have met with the victim and opened a case that is being investigated.
In the video, a traffic officer is seen opening the motorist’s car door and then throwing his sunglasses at him. The traffic officer leans in the window and slaps the motorist and swears at him.
The Gauteng Traffic Police and Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) reacted to the video this week, requesting the victim to come forward and open a case. According to information, the motorist identified himself in Johannesburg on Monday and Hartbeespoort police met with him and opened a case.
The RTMC said on Sunday it was concerned about the incident and that such behaviour is completely unacceptable.
The Gauteng Traffic Police have also asked the public to assist them with more information about the incident.
They said in a post on Twitter that motorists have the right to ask traffic police for their appointment cards to see if they are real cops. “All officers must wear name tags and have appointment cards.” They also said they did not operate in the area where the incident is supposed to have happened. Motorists are requested to call 10111 to report non-compliant officers.
The Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula also said he wanted more details of the incident.
Anyone with more information can contact the RTMC via WhatsApp on 083 293 7989.