The Madibeng municipality licensing offices will be open to the public on 2 June.

In line with Covid-19 lockdown regulations, and for the safety of staff and members of the public, the Brits Licensing Centre will only allow 150 people access to its facility on a daily basis. The Hartbeespoort Registration Authority will only assist 50 people per day.

The driving license testing centre (DLTC) will only assist with the following transactions for the first and second week of June ( 0 to 12 June 2020):
• Collection of license cards – people that completed their transactions before the lockdown
• Issuing of Driver’s License to applicants that passed their tests in March 2020
• Issuing of Learner Licenses to applicants that passed their test during March 2020
• Renewal of expired driver and PrDP licenses
• From 15 June 2020 the DLTC will open for applicants to make bookings for learner and drivers licenses

The Registration Authority (RA), both Brits and Hartbeespoort, will only assist with the following transactions the first week (2 to 5 June 2020):
• Renewal of expired vehicle licenses
From 8 June all transactions are open.
Members of the public are advised to, if possible to have their eye tests done by any registered optometrist before visiting the centre. This will assist in further enhancing safety measures
No vehicles will be allowed to park in the licensing property and drivers are strictly requested to park their vehicles off the roadway of Kaptein Barnard Street
No ‘Runners’” will be allowed to conduct their business on the municipal premises.
Members of the public are warned not to give their money and or documents to any person claiming to conduct legal business with the licensing centre.
Masks are mandatory and should a person be found not wearing a face mask on the municipal premises, the person will be escorted off the premises.
Further members of the public must adhere to social distancing and complete the register as provided. The public need to sanitise their hands, subject themselves to be screened and complete the register for tracking purposes.

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