The body of an murdered man was found along the R513 road at Silkaatsnek in De Wildt on Monday night. The man was shot in the chest.

De Wildt community policing forum members noticed the body in bushes on the side of the road while patrolling around 23:00 on Monday night. The police were alerted.

“There was no identification, cellphone or other belongings on him. He was shot, “ said police spokesperson, Lt. Col. Amanda Funani.

The man was dressed in a blue and white-striped golf shirt, black jeans and white socks. He had no shoes on.

On Tuesday night, Kobus Grobler of Aequitas Security was on patrol in the same area and noticed a vehicle parked at an estate gate. “I stopped to ask if everything was in order and they told me they were looking for a cousin that went missing the previous day. His vehicle was found abandoned at the Mabopane station with his shoes still in it, and they were following leads from the vehicle’s tracking device,” said Grobler.

“I referred them to the police station where they identified the deceased man as their cousin. It is suspected that he was hijacked and shot.”

The Mmakau police are investigating a murder case.

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