Necsa road to be temporarily improved before planned rebuild

The dire state of the R104 (Necsa road) will be receiving attention from the provincial roads department next week.

After Kormorant brought the current state of the almost inaccessible road under the department’s attention, Bojanalala Head of Roads, Johan van Wyk said on Tuesday that if all goes according to plan, teams will start filling potholes with a gravel mix on Monday, 8 February, as a temporary ‘fix’.
“We cannot use tar while it is raining. Once the rain stops, the potholes can be properly fixed. “Plans have been approved to rebuild the road in the new financial year, starting April 2021, but in the meantime we can only do damage control by temporarily filling potholes. This is not the solution and the road has already exceeded its life expectancy, but until the rebuild, this is the only measures the department can take,” he said.
Van Wyk said the department’s roads manager in Madibeng has already received orders to proceed with the work on the road next week.