Necsa suspended its emergency services to the public last week.

Necsa’s emergency services will no longer assist the community.

In a statement, Necsa said management had resolved on suspending both ambulance and firefighting services to the public due to resource optimisation. “Necsa will focus on its primary responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of the Necsa Group personnel and property.

Necsa will complement Madibeng Municipality firefighting crew where possible. The decision to suspend these services will be continuously reviewed and the public will be informed of any changes,” the statement read.

This comes as a big blow to communities in Hartbeespoort and surrounding areas, especially the areas on the southern side of the dam, located far from the Madibeng municipality’s fire department based in Brits.

Kormorant asked Necsa for the motivation behind the decision. All the nuclear energy corporation would say is that the decision is based on optimising and refocusing the limited resources it currently has for internal activities.

Necsa spokesperson, Ntombikhona Mthombeni, said no personnel will be retrenched at Necsa and the public will be informed of any changes.

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