New initiative to clean up dam environment

Members of Coastal Ghost and residents during the clean-up.

A group of residents, in conjunction with Coastal Ghost, a NPO with the objective of cleaning up the environment and creating awareness, commenced last weekend at the Hartbeespoort Dam wall.

They removed almost 100 large rubbish bags of litter just between the snake park and the dam wall.

“We were shocked to see the extent of litter and pollution scattered on the surface of the dam and the banks. Bottles, caps, nappies, condoms, deodorant cans and used hypodermic needles and syringes were just some of the items picked up. The reduction of hyacinth is phenomenal, but the increase in pollution is alarming,” says resident Etienne Keyser.

The group is planning a mass clean-up of the dam again on Saturday, 29 February. “We are requesting the communities, clubs, villages and estates around the dam to participate in this event and get their members involved through newsletters and WhatsApp groups.”

The clean-up is also aimed at creating awareness and to promote social responsibility.For more information, contact Etienne Keyser on 0829291283.