New vehicle fleet for Madibeng

The Madibeng municipality introduced its new fleet of about 100 vehicles on Monday that will assist in service delivery in Madibeng.

The first batch of the municipality’s fleet of new vehicles.

The new fleet will consist of 59 Isuzu D-Max single cab bakkies, 15 Isuzu Hi-Rider double-cab bakkies, 5 Toyota Quantum minibuses, 5 Toyota Corolla sedans, and 16 trucks.

The first batch delivered to the municipality on Monday includes five minibuses and ten single cab bakkies.

With the delivery of the rest of the vehicles expected in the coming weeks, the Madibeng mayor, Joseph Ratloi urged municipal employees to take good care of the vehicles. He said the vehicles are to be used for nothing else but service delivery. “These are new vehicles and they belong to the people of Madibeng and are meant to deliver services to them.”

The new fleet, purchased through the National Treasury Transversal database, augments the existing fleet of 48 vehicles.

The municipality has awarded a tender for a yellow fleet of machinery in a lease-to-own arrangement. The yellow fleet is expected to be delivered in the coming weeks and includes seven 10 000 litres water tankers, eight aerial compactor trucks, four skip loader trucks, four tipper trucks and one cherry picker.