No budget (again)for Hartbeespoort

The Hartbeespoort community rejected the proposed Madibeng budget for Ward 29, 30, and 33 at a Public Participation Budget Meeting recently because the budget fails to include funding for infrastructure, maintenance, and service delivery in these wards.

Sewage has been running through Refentse and into the road for years now.

“The DA wrote to the Executive Mayor, Cllr Douglas Maimane, opposing the proposed draft budget and requested that it be revised to include funding for urgent infrastructure maintenance and service delivery improvements before the next budget meeting,” says ward councillor Lizelle Stoltz.

“Hartbeespoort continues to endure numerous infrastructure and service delivery failures which the municipality refuses to address. The town currently has six asbestos water lines that are unable to take pressure above six bar. However, to provide water to certain areas and the reservoirs, it is required to raise the pressure to at least eight bar, causing multiple pipe bursts on a daily basis.” During a recent meeting with the community, Madibeng mayor Douglas Maimane promised the community that the asbestos pipes will be replaced by the end of this year. At the time he said it was a shame that a community still has to receive water through asbestos pipes.

Another major concern is the condition of the sewerage treatment plants, Stoltz said.

Failure to maintain and upgrade sewerage lines in Hartbeespoort, Refentse, and Sunway causes a continuous raw sewage overflow, polluting the Rietfontein plots. The sewerage plant in Sunway is still not secured while children continue to play in the area posing a serious health and safety risk.

“The electrical infrastructure at Melody smallholdings is in near collapse and the lines connecting Landsmeer and Meerhof require an urgent upgrade. In 14 months, those areas have experienced 67 power outages (excluding load-shedding) and as a result, Ifafi and Meerhof were also left without electricity supply.

“Hartbeespoort’s roads in Ifafi, Melodie, and Schoemansville are in a terrible state and require immediate attention. There are sections of roads that are destroyed, but no funds have been allocated in the proposed draft budget to begin repairs and resurfacing of the tar roads,” she said.