Nudist resort for Hartbeespoort

It has come to light that a nudist resort is opening its gates in Hartbeespoort on Thursday after confidential documentation was leaked to Kormorant this week.

According to the documentation, the nudist resort, that will occupy a part of the Schoemansville Oewer Club, has been in the pipeline since November 2019 and plans were finally approved by the Department of Water and Sanitation in January 2020.
Notices were published in two national papers, but not in local publications. According to the notices by Hidden Bush Pty Ltd “ … plans for the development of a nudist resort have been approved by the Department of Water and Sanitation on Portion 28R, Schoemansville, on the northern shore of the Hartbeespoort Dam, also known as Schoemansville Oewer Club.”
According to the documentation, plans were kept under wraps. Kormorant is also in possession of a letter from the Cape Town-based company to a supplier of thatched umbrellas in Brits, wherein the supplier is requested to sign a confidentiality agreement not to reveal any information about the business.
However, on the Hidden Bush Harties Facebook page, the opening of the resort in Hartbeespoort is prominently advertised. According to the Facebook post, the resort will be opened with a “bang” and a float parade is planned from the resort to the dam wall.
A spokesperson for the Schoemansville Oewer management said on Monday that they were not informed of the nudist venture until Monday when they received a formal letter from the department and trucks with equipment started arriving. “Following the recent court case and the court’s refusal to acknowledge Schoemansville residents’ right to the shore, this now makes sense. We have expected a move by the department, but this is a shock. We have already spoken to our lawyers to investigate the legality of the nudist camp,” Willie Meyer said. “We expect a huge outcry by the community.”

A sign at the Schoemansville Oewer Club.

On Tuesday afternoon, there were lots of activity in the cordoned-off area, east of the Oewer Club entrance. Kormorant was not allowed to enter the area and was told that it was “private property”. Two lonesome nude bathers were spotted on a jetty.
Kormorant has asked the department, as well as the Madibeng municipality why notices were not advertised in local newspapers and displayed at the Oewer Club. By the time of going to press, we have not received any response.
Members of the neighbouring Yacht Club also raised their concerns. “With the approaching colder weather approaching there will be very little for us to see,” some of the lady sailors complained.
It is also unclear what raising effects the nudist will have on the wildlife in the Bird Sanctuary next-door to the club.
An enquiry to Hidden Bush produced the following response: “This is going to be a huge tourist attraction in Hartbeespoort that will bring money and feet (and more) to the town. It is a membership only resort and anyone can apply to become a member. The only clothing allowed, is a mask.”

The Facebook advertisement for the nudist resort.