Orphaned baby zebra rescued

A newborn baby zebra was rescued in Hekpoort on Monday after its mother was shot by hunters last week.

Brendan Murray with the baby zebra.

The Owl Rescue Centre rushed to the game farm on Monday after being alerted about the orphaned baby that was in a very weak condition.

“According to information we received, hunters shot several zebras on the farm, one of which was the baby zebra’s mother. It must have been only a day or two old as it still has the umbilical cord attached,” said Brendan Murray of the Owl Rescue Centre.

“A woman found the baby zebra in die veld over the weekend and tried to feed it, but when its condition deteriorated, she asked for assistance.” Brendan and his wife Danelle rushed to the farm to pick up the very weak little zebra and took her to the Broederstroom Veterinary Clinic. “Her life was hanging by a thread but fortunately with the help of Kerri Wolter from VulPro we managed to get her through to the veterinary clinic just in time. Our little Pajama Donkey made it through the night thanks to Dr Le-Anne Kleynhans and Dr Danielle Smith. She is still very weak but we are optimistic that she will pull through,” Brendan said.