Saving electricity can reduce your bills. What are some of the best ways to do this?

Electricity is a key resource in advancing social and economic development. In this day and age, it’s hard to point at any business or social establishment that doesn’t depend on the availability of electricity to operate with efficiency. Key sectors of the economy such as health, banking, manufacturing, transport, retail as well as leisure enterprisers depend on the reliable supply of this precious commodity to implement business and social plans. Households equally depend on the availability of electricity for use of appliances and lighting. 

Electricity, however, doesn’t come cheap. Both commercial and household consumers bear the burden of the cost of production and supply of electricity through monthly bills to Eskom. They therefore carry a huge responsibility to save on the cost of electricity. 

Here are Our Top Tips on How to Save Electricity in 2021

Turn off unnecessary lights
Lights are a necessity in a living or business space. What should be emphasised in this case is that you don’t need lights in spaces where you are not doing anything unless it’s for security reasons. Try by any means possible to switch off lights in areas where you are not doing anything. 

Unplug unused appliances
One of the easiest ways electricity gets wasted in many households and business premises is through electrical appliances which are left on sockets. You can save significant amounts of electricity by simply switching off and unplugging the television set and music system whenever you are not using them. 

Short shower
A warm or hot shower is something most people love. The implication however is that it takes electricity to heat water in the geyser unless you are using solar energy. This means the shorter the bathing session the less water you use which translates into less electricity being used to heat water again. 

Use laptop instead of desktop
Home-schooling and working from home is part of the new normal. This implies that most business work and school work is being done digitally through computers. It’s been proven scientifically that laptops use less electricity that desktop computers. You can therefore dispose of that desktop or trade it for a laptop in order to save on electricity. 

Braai instead of oven
Ovens are naturally the reliable and effective solution when it comes to preparing your favourite steak. The downside is that ovens require lots of electrical energy to sufficiently get your meat ready. Why not opt for an outdoor braai instead of the oven? After all, a break away from the kitchen environment is something your mind will appreciate. 

If you are doing your laundry, most people prefer using warm water instead of cold. This is something you can stop to avoid draining the geyser of warm water which is heated by electrical power. Use cold water and you won’t have to complain about the geyser costing you much. 

Change your lighting
What type of lighting system are you currently using? Old and obsolete lighting may cost you much more. You can consider bulbs with lower wattages, use dimming switches, opt for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) instead of ordinary bulbs etc. 

Heaters are needed in winter but they take lots of electricity. You can save yourself some money on power bills by using modern infrared electricity heaters which are energy efficient. 

Dishwashers are a common feature in households and business houses. You can reduce the amount of power they use by filling it every time you need to use it instead of using it for few cups and plates. You can also turn it off before drying and instead use a kitchen cloth to wipe. A well serviced dishwasher with clean filters also doesn’t demand too much electricity. 

A fridge is a necessity. You can reduce how much the fridge costs you on electricity by defrosting regularly. You can also set your refrigerator between 2°C and 5°C and your freezer between -20°C and – 22°C. You can also try not to overload your fridge. An overloaded fridge demands more electricity up to about 10-20% more for each extra product and ultimately affects the quality of the food. ( 

A kettle comes in real handy to heat water quickly but this also requires electricity. You can reduce its power consumption by filling up to the element instead of a full kettle. 

Wall paint
People underestimate factors like the colour of the property walls in conserving electricity. You can save electricity by using light colours on your wall because darker colours absorb light which means you will need extra light bulbs to achieve the same effect. The colour of the wall will also determine how much heat loss you experience. 

Install thermostats
You can save a good amount by setting up thermostats around your home or business premises. This means that the cooling and heating with correct temperature settings will be properly managed to save on energy wastage. Just by turning down your thermostats 1° you could save 10% off your home heating bill. (trvst. world). 

The tips provided above if well implemented will assist you to save on your electricity bills.

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