Panarottis joins fight against potholes

Panarottis joined the fight against potholes and lack of service delivery this week and started fixing potholes in Melodie.

“Two of our delivery motorcycles’ rims have already been damaged and every time I had to try and negotiate the potholes, I just got more frustrated,” said Werner Nagel, owner of Panarottis.

On Monday, while it was a slow day at the restaurant, Werner decided to do something about it. “I told my staff I was going to fix potholes and they wanted to join.” So, there was chief, cook and bottle washer in the middle of the road in front of the Medical Centre on Monday repairing potholes instead of making pizzas!

Werner and his team used an astonishing 60 kg of concrete to fix the seven potholes. “It is only when the concrete keeps on going into the hole that you realise how deep these holes are.”
Werner’s next project is the potholes at the Hartbeespoort High School.