Permits you need during lockdown level 4 and how to get it

Many South Africans will be returning to work on Monday as the country has moved to lockdown level 4.

We narrow down when you may leave your home, when you will need a permit and how to get it.

This slightly relaxed form of lockdown will require South Africans to keep prioritising the fight against Covid-19.

Government recently announced that interprovincial travel – formerly banned – may be undergone in exceptional circumstances between May 1 and May 7.

Faced with a host of rules and many exceptions, many readers have reported confusion. Reader queries range from to “I live in one town and work in another, may I drive to work?” to “My child has been staying with her grandparents in another province. May I fetch her?” Questions like these are often accompanied with “do I need a permit and how do I get one?”

This video aims to answer your questions. If you need to pause at any time to digest the information, do so.

The permits referred to in the video can be accessed along with lockdown level 4 regulations – Click here.

Also read more about the window period for interprovincial travel.

The most frequently used permitted/essential service permit appears below.