Pet owners, beware of scam

Pet owners who have lost a pet are warned to be aware of a current scam that might put them in danger.

The Dog Town animal rescue centre in Broederstroom said it has recently discovered that people who have lost their pets are being contacted by an individual claiming to be from Dogtown telling pet owners their pet has been found.

Tracy McQuarrie, founder of Dogtown South Africa said the scammers’ modus operandi is to tell the pet owner that they have found their pet and that if they are sent airtime, they will send the pet owner a location pin for where to collect their pet. They ask for proof of ownership, including photographs of the owner with the pet and ownership papers.

“Dog Town wants to inform people that its staff would never request airtime or contact someone out of the blue. We have processes and procedures that we follow to ensure the safety of the animals and the people associated with Dogtown in any way,” she said.