Fishing line left on the Hartbeespoort Dam shore is responsible for many bird deaths in Hartbeespoort.

The Hadeda could not walk as a result of getting tangled in fishing line.

Residents regularly report birds tangled up in fishing line. Very few of these birds survive. In some cases, concerned residents are able to catch and release the birds.

Last week, a resident spotted a Hadeda that could not walk and upon closer inspection, realised the bird’s feet were bound together by tangled fishing line. “It was so tight it was stopping the blood supply and he couldn’t walk. It took me ages to cut it off but I’m so happy for a good outcome as he was fine,” she said.

Anglers are requested to not leave fishing line on the shore of the dam. “It doesn’t take much for you to just throw it away in the bins, or take it home.”

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