Police fire rubber bullets to disperse N4 protest

Police fired rubber bullets on the N4 near Brits on Thursday afternoon during a confrontation between protestors and another group of people.

N4 at Bapong / Majakaneng

The N4 was closed most of the day between Mooinooi and Majakaneng due to a march by the N4 Cluster Movement in protest against labour employment issues between the movement and Sibanye.

According to the chairperson of N4 Cluster movement, the march is been planned to voice the community’s concerns about employment inequity at Sibanye.

On Thursday afternoon the protestors were confronted by another group and the Public Order Police (POP) in Brits fired rubber bullets to maintain order during a confrontation between two groups.

“A confrontation allegedly ensued after a yet to be identified group clashed and prevented members of the N4 Movement group to proceed with a march to one of the mines in the area. During the incident, a person was reportedly injured. After the incident, the N4 road was opened. A case of public violence has been registered for investigation and police are maintaining a presence in the area,” said police spokesperson, Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone.