North West police and the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) have issued serious warnings to motorists to be cautious and alert on the R511 from Hartbeespoort to Diepsloot following a string of hijackings and robberies by bogus cops.

“The TMPD has received numerous complaints about criminals who are posing as TMPD members. They are wearing TMPD uniforms and driving unmarked vehicles with blue lights. These criminals stop drivers and rob and hijack them. These incidents are occurring mostly on the R511 Road from Diepsloot leading to Hartbeespoort, and in Centurion,” said TMPD spokesperson Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba.
“The TMPD is working very hard to apprehend these culprits. Currently, the South African Police Service (SAPS) is investigating three of these similar cases, and the TMPD will cooperate and work jointly with the SAPS to get to the bottom of this crime,” he said.
Police in North West have also issued a warning to motorists to be vigilant at all times, especially when stopped by traffic or police officers who look suspicious.
“While motorists are encouraged to respect the rule of law, they are urged to exercise caution and to put on their hazard lights when stopped by any suspicious police/traffic officers and to drive to the nearest police station or a public place like a fuel station or business complex,” said police spokesperson Colonel Adele Myburgh.
“Be aware of your surroundings and approach intersections slowly. Ensure that you inform someone of your route and the estimated time of departure and arrival. If you suspect that you are being followed, adjust your route and start making your way to the nearest police station. It is always best to practice safety first. If possible try to alert other motorists by flickering your headlights and pressing your hooter to get their attention,” she said.
“Community members are encouraged to be extra cautious and alert on the road. Even though some community members might be reluctant to come forward, we encourage members of the public who might have any information regarding these criminals to report such to the nearest SAPS station or to the TMPD on 012 358 7095/7096. All information received will be treated with confidentiality,” Mahamba said.

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