Police are investigating an armed robbery after a recent incident in Carletonville.

A woman claims she was asleep in her home in Carletonville earlier this month when she was attacked by a group of armed men.

Police say the woman was asleep in her home in Dolomite Drive at approximately 01:00 on August 1. She was suddenly awoken by someone knocking on her door and went to investigate.

“Open your door; we are police officers,” the men outside said.

She opened the door for them, and they stormed in. The “officers” pulled out firearms and forced the woman and other people in the home to lie down.

However, after a short conversation, the intruders realised they were looking for her ex-boyfriend instead. He did not live in the house anymore.

They then stormed out.

The woman only realised that R2,000 was missing from her purse as she prepared to go to work later that morning.

A case of armed robbery is being investigated.

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