Police warn about house robberies

In the light of a high number of house robberies reported, the police are urging communities to work together with the police, and to take heed and apply the following safety tips:

  • Ensure that doors and windows are properly locked and closed at all times.
  • Make provision for good outside lighting. Remember, outside lights that are on during the day draw the attention of thieves.
  • Ensure that your yard is neat and clean. Trees and bushy shrubs should be pruned and not planted close to a house as this can hide a criminal.
  • If possible, ensure that you have proper safety / security features at your house like burglar bars in front of windows and security doors and gates, as well as emergency alarms / panic buttons.
  • You can also use a whistle to alert neighbours in cases of emergency.
  • Always check the identity of strangers who visit for business purposes to do deliveries or repairs, before unlocking the door.
  • Know your neighbour as they are close and can be of great help during any emergency.
  • Remain calm during a robbery and give your full cooperation. Your life is worth more than any property.
  • Anyone with information that may assist the police in the fight against house robberies are requested to contact their nearest police stations or call Crime Stop at 0860010111. Anonymous tip-offs can be submitted on the MySAPS app.