Police warn motorists about Lanseria road

The blue light brigade is once again targeting motorists on the Lanseria road from Hartbeespoort to Johannesburg and Hartbeespoort police are warning motorists travelling on this route to be extremely careful of these disguised robbers.

“These criminals are using various unmarked vehicles fitted with a blue light to stop and rob motorists of their belongings,” said police spokesperson, Maria Nkabinde. A number of cases have recently been reported. During the most recent case, a woman was stopped by two men in a silver grey BMW with a blue light. “The woman asked the men, pretending to be police officers, for their appointment cards as they were not in uniform. Upon realising that they were bogus police officers, the woman drove away.”

Motorists are urged not to stop should they be followed by such vehicles. “Call the local police or police crime stop number on 0800 10111 or 112. Alternatively, drive to the nearest public space such as a fuel station or a police station, if possible.”