A 9 km portion of Bakwena Bakwena’s R582 million N4 dualling project between the M17 and Brits plaza was opened on Thursday ahead of the expected completion date for the entire new section at the end July 2021.

The 36-month N4 upgrade project started in March 2018 and included the addition of a 28 km second carriageway on the N4 between the M17 and R512 (Brits interchange) and R511 interchange addition of west facing ramps. the works included the construction of a new bridge over the Crocodile River and extensions to 5 existing bridges which cross the section of the N4 being dualled.

“Bakwena is committed to ensuring the N1N4 route conforms to international standards – road safety of our motorists is our number one priority and we are confident the addition of the second carriageway not only improves safety of motorists traveling the route but also improves motorists driving experience, concludes Solomon Kganyago, Chief Operations Officer, Bakwena.

“Bakwena would like to thank motorists for their patience while the finishing work is being carried out on the N4 dualling section and advises them to adhere to all designated road signs and exercise caution throughout the construction processes and when the road is opened.”

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