Premier, minister investigate Brits water treatment plant

Premier of the North West, Bushy Maape, accompanied by Minister of Water and Sanitation, Senzo Mchunu, visited the Brits water treatment plant on Monday to assess and develop a remedial action plan to respond to water provision challenges in the municipal area.

North West Premier Bushy Maape visited the Brits water treatment plant.

Brits has been suffering water shortages and poor water quality for years now. “Both the minister and the Premier, raised their concern about the appalling state of the treatment plant, calling for swift action to address the matter,” said the premier’s spokesperson, Sello Tatai.

The new Premier said that municipalities are strategically positioned to accelerate the provision of services to the people of North West, and this will be on the top of his administration’s agenda.

“We are duty-bound to respond to challenges of service delivery in our province. And as per the dictates of the constitution, municipalities are legally obligated to provide service delivery. We are confident that the completion of the project will bring much-needed relief to our people. We will be monitoring progress from the province to make sure that actions agreed upon are implemented,” he said.

This follows several visits by ministers and officials to the Brits plant during the past two years to investigate the problems experienced here. To date there has been no results.