A video of a man in a trolley, hitching a ride behind a fuel tanker on the N1 highway in Pretoria has been widely circulated on social media.

 Screenshots from video: Twitter/@msiza_jv and @Abramjee

The man who hitched a ride in a trolley by holding onto a truck on the N1 South highway faces direct imprisonment without the option of a fine, if he was found, law enforcement said.

“Regulation 316(5) read with section 89(6) of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 stipulates that anyone who conducts himself in such a manner may constitute a source of danger to themselves and others commits an offence,” said Gauteng traffic police spokesperson, Sello Maremane.

“He may be convicted to one-year imprisonment with the option of a fine.”

In the video, the man, who is seated in a supermarket trolley, is seen holding onto a fuel tanker as it was driving along the N1 South, in the east of Pretoria.

A second clip not only shows the man smiling but expressing excitement as the front-seat passenger in the vehicle took a video.

“Truck drivers must immediately stop their trucks and report this to traffic law enforcement authorities if they are alerted,” Maremane said.

He said that while it was the first incident they knew of in which somebody did such a thing, there had been reckless driving incidents they investigated that resulted in culprits being arrested and convicted by the courts.

Maremane said such “irresponsible and illegal” behaviour would not be tolerated.

He encouraged hitchhikers to use alternative means of transport, which did not endanger their lives.

“This kind of behaviour is irresponsible and illegal. It will never be tolerated by law enforcement authorities as it endangers their lives and the lives of other road users. We encourage them to use public transport as alternative means rather than endangering their lives,” he said.

Here is what Twitter users had to say about the video:

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