Winter always takes its toll on our hands, and especially now when we are using harsh sanitisers on a daily basis. Hands need more care during winter. Remember, this is where the first signs of aging show up! Pamper your hands and make sure you put the best hand (and foot) forward this winter.

Combat winter hands

Cold temperatures bring along dry skin, as well as cracked and brittle nails. It is important that you follow a winter-appropriate beauty regimen during this season to keep hands soft, pretty and healthy.

Moisturise like mad
The job of moisturiser is to create a seal on your skin to prevent water from escaping. In the dry winter environment, your skin loses moisture faster, so it’s crucial that you moisturise correctly and consistently.
• Apply moisturiser to your hands when they are damp as this helps lock in moisturiser.
• Use hand lotion several times a day, especially after you wash hands.
• Using harsh soaps or detergents can strip oil from your skin. Be wary of products that may contain alcohol or fragrances. Instead, look for skin care products that contain added oils and fats, or ones with alpha hydroxy acids, lanolin or urea – all of which can help retain moisture in the skin.
• Use oils on your nails. Whether your nails are brittle or they’re relatively healthy and you just want to give them a boost, it’s worth investing in a cuticle oil.
• File in one direction to avoid splitting the nail. If you can, invest in a crystal file. They seal the nail as you go, so you don’t end up with any small splits.

Wear gloves while doing household chores to protect hands from repeatedly getting wet. If you don’t like gloves, massage any of your favourite oils into your hands and let them dry off naturally.
You can also wear gloves while sleeping at night to help your skin and nails retain some moisture.

Covid-19 hands… sanitise, moisturise!

The frequent hand-washing and sanitising during the Covid-19 pandemic definitely takes its toll on soft hands. Sanitisers with a high alcohol content are extremely drying. Here are some tip from dermatologists to heal dry skin:
After washing, dry your hands on a clean towel but leave them slightly damp and immediately apply a hand cream that contains mineral oil or petroleum jelly.
If you use sanitiser on your hands, apply hand cream immediately after it dries.

Latest nail trends

From subtle chic detailing to bold designs, there is something for everyone with this season’s stylish nail trends – because life is too short for boring nails.
Local trends seen this winter are warm colours like burgundy, reds, brown and warm nudes.
Marbling and ombre nails have been fashionable for the past year and its popularity continues.
Feminine flower power is also high on the trend list and gives that extra flair to pretty winter hands.

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