Public urged to be cautious of online vehicle advertisements

Police in the North West province are urging members of the community to be careful when they respond to online advertisements, especially for livestock and vehicle sales.

In a recent incident, a potential client paid an amount of R100 000 via bank deposit to buy a taxi that was advertised on social media under the name of an Auctioneer. On his way to collect his taxi, the seller switched his phone off and could not be reached.

In another incident, a victim drove to a destination to buy a Toyota Hilux that was advertised online. He was taken to a house where he was shown the vehicle and an agreement was reached. When he arrived at the location where the transaction was to be made, four armed suspects approached him, held him at gunpoint and robbed him of R200 000 cash.

The public is urged to not meet strangers at home or in residential areas. Instead, meet in a public space with people around or at a police station. Daytime is better. If you must meet after dark, make sure the area is well lit and there are lots of people around.

Take someone with you and let people know where you are. Make sure to take your cellphone with you. If you become suspicious at any time, leave immediately.