Staff at a restaurant at Pecanwood Estate could not believe their ears or eyes last week when a regular client thanked them with an R85 000 tip!

The staff members at the Pecanwood Boat Club restaurant who were surprised with an R85 000 tip.

According to Pecanwood Estate general manager, Morné Botha, the resident who regularly visits the restaurant enjoyed a meal last Friday and after finishing, he called the staff together and told them he would like to give each of them a tip.
“He told the staff that he realised they have all suffered a difficult time due to the various lockdown regulations and he would like to give them something. He swiped his bank card and added R85 000 for the staff! “
“The staff members were overjoyed. For many, this is a lifeline. Some of the staff members are the sole breadwinners of the family, and this is helping them a lot. They were really so happy.” The money was divided by the 14 staff members at the restaurant.
This generous gesture is the latest in a series of ‘good deeds’ among Pecanwood Estate residents since the COVID-19 pandemic started last year. “During the first hard lockdown, the estate residents got together and started the Pecanwood Cares Solidarity Fund to ensure that the staff at the estate do not suffer losses. A couple of hundred thousand Rands were raised to monthly assist staff members. Not a single staff member earned less than before the lockdown,” Botha says. “The employees at Pecanwood are valued, and some have worked for the estate for as long as 21 years.”
The community’s caring was again demonstrated when a staff member, who had worked for the estate for 19 years passed away recently. A group of residents got together and donated money to the family to assist them. “The same happened when a staff member lost his house in a fire a couple of months ago. Within 24 hours, residents had raised enough money for him to rebuild his house and replace the belongings he lost in the fire. The community in the estate has created a culture of caring and it is important to them that the staff is looked after.”

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