There is no more reason for not recycling – Hartbeespoort has a recycling depot in Ifafi and residents are urged to do their bit for the environment.

Frikkie Knoetze of MJ Knoetze Recycling in Ifafi

“Our landfills are under pressure and it is so easy to just recycle instead of sending your refuse to the municipal landfill,” says Frikkie Knoetze who opened MJ Knoetze Recycling in Ifafi in January.

It not only serves as a depot for residents and businesses where they can drop their recyclables, but it also facilitates job creation in the area.

Many unemployed people in the area have started picking up and collecting plastic, bottles, tins etc. to earn money. “We buy the materials from the vendors and for many, it is their only income. And Hartbeespoort is kept clean!”

Residents are urged to put their recycling in transparent plastic garbage bags when they put out refuse for collection. “Some residents complain about people rummaging through their refuse bags in search of recyclable material. Placing such items in a transparent bag will prevent collectors from opening other bags,” Frikkie says.

MJ Knoetze Recycling accepts plastic, cardboard, glass, tin and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. No polystyrene and please no refuse! It is not necessary to separate the individual materials into different bags.

“We will collect depending on the amount of material.”

MJ Knoetze Recycling uses a baling machine on the property that compresses items into bales which are collected regularly.

MJ Knoetze Recycling is located in Kleinste Street in Ifafi.
For more information, contact Frikkie on 082 734 5576.

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