Sadly, the baby giraffe that was rescued by the Owl Rescue Sanctuary in Hartbeespoort died on Wednesday.

Brendan Murray of the Owl Rescue Centre with the baby giraffe they tried to save.

The little giraffe, named Marvin by his rescuers, died while being cared for at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Hospital.

The baby giraffe was found abandoned last weekend, lying in the bush at the Silkaatsnek Nature Reserve last week, and despite all efforts by his rescuers and veterinarians, “his little body gave up”, the rescue centre said.

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It is suspected that the baby giraffe was born prematurely and abandoned by the mother. All efforts were made to save the little guy. The rescuers even made trips to a dairy farm to secure much-needed colostrum for the newborn giraffe.

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