The award-winning Hartbeespoort restaurant, Restaurant Mosaic, has closed its doors for the last time and world-renowned chef Chantel Dartnall is spreading her culinary wings to the rest of the world.

Chef Chantel Dartnall

“While I have always been able to speak endlessly about my love for my team, my friends, our guests and our work at Restaurant Mosaic… I genuinely feel lost for words in a time like this. Simply, I have yet to find the words deep enough and wide enough to hold and convey my gratitude. Truly, sincerely, to all of my family, friends, suppliers, guests, visitors; you all have made Restaurant Mosaic the story it has become, and the story we will tell with joy and fondness for many years to come. I hope that wherever we have nestled our way into your story, that those paragraphs too may be special memories for you in time to come as well. Until we meet again…,” she said in a message to all the patrons who have tasted the culinary delights at this restaurant.

The restaurant hosted its final service on 28 March. “We couldn’t be prouder of our finale. We would like to take this moment to thank each and every supplier who has made it possible for us to serve the most extraordinary wine, and to create our specialised dishes with your exceptional produce. We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to each and every person that has dined with us, experienced our unique destination, written about us, honoured us with awards and those that have encouraged us from afar. We owe our very existence to your love and support and we are beyond grateful for all that you have invested into us.”

However, Chantel and her exquisite dishes will live on in South Africa in her upcoming cookbook.
Chantel and her family will be enjoying more family time and Chantel is now able to accept various invitations by renowned restaurants all over the world to demonstrate her extraordinary culinary skills.

Restaurant Mosaic, that has won numerous awards for its wine collection, is now selling more than 85 000 bottles of wine from the finest winelands in South Africa and the globe. For more information on the sale of the wines, kindly contact Derek Kilpin and the team at Great Domaines by sending an email to

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