Rotary Brits-Hartbeespoort held a very successful High Tea on Women’s Day last week to raise funds for the empowerment of young girls.

Tsungi Fundira (Brits Hartbeespoort Rotary president), Marilise Van Eck and Natasha Moore.

The fundraising is aimed on supplying 1 000 disadvantaged young girls in the community with re-usable sanitary pads. This project is in conjunction with Dignity dreams who started the project after recognising the plight of many girls in impoverished parts of the communities` in the Hartbeespoort and Brits areas.

A group of women from the business community gathered at a restaurant in Hartbeespoort for a lavish high tea to raise funds for this initiative.

“This is the first of its kind in Hartbeespoort and we hope that through various fundraising projects we can contribute to producing these products for young girls. Through education and training we also hope to move a step further in ensuring that these communities at some stage will be able to make the re usable pads themselves. For that, we ask the community to contribute money donations and sewing machines to get this project going,” says Tsungi Fundiro, president of Rotary Brits Hartbeespoort.

People who want to contribute to this worthy cause, can contact Caroline on 066 226 8105.

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