Teaching your child how to be safe while riding a bicycle is crucial – because accidents can and do happen.

 Teach your children to follow basic safety tips for cycling.

Riding a bicycle is a wonderful way for kids to stay active, and also lots of fun. But, it’s important that parents teach their children a few golden safety rules to remember every time they climb onto their bicycle.

Here are top safety tips your child needs to know:

Always wear a helmet

If you or a family member falls, it can help prevent any major head injuries. Make sure that the helmet fits correctly – you don’t want it to be too big or too small.

The brighter, the better

Wear bright clothes and place reflectors on your bike. If people can see you, they’re less likely to run into you. Daytime riding is the safest, so avoid cycling at dusk or later.

Follow the rules of the road

Always stop to “look right, left, and right again”, to check for traffic in both directions, especially when leaving your driveway or a curb. Always cross the road at intersections.

Don’t go alone

Children should never cycle alone. Rather cycle with friends and, for younger cyclists, ensure a parent or a responsible adult comes with.

Busy intersections

Walk your bike across busy intersections, using the crosswalk and following traffic signals. Ride on the left-hand side of the street, so you travel in the same direction as the cars. Never cycle against traffic.

Watch out for parked cars and busy streets

Don’t ride too close to parked cars. Doors can suddenly open. Never allow young children to cycle on main or traffic-heavy roads. Stop at all stop signs and obey traffic lights.

Invest in a good bike seat

Various bike seats are available for younger children – choose what will suit your family best and what is the safest.

Signals and instructions

Ensure younger children understand parent signals and comments/instructions when riding in public areas. Plan ahead Safety and risks vary based on several factors, such as province, road structure, and time of day, so, it’s important to plan your cycling adventures and ensure safety decisions are paramount.

Have fun

Cycling is a great way to not only keep fit and healthy but to bond as a family, so enjoy every minute together!

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