Sanitise to protect yourself and others

South Africans are at this time confronted with many different challenges from a number of directions, and it is easy to, within the noise and busyness of it all, forget the small and important stuff, like sanitising your car and living space as you move from one area of daily life to the next.

The CEO of Masterdrive, Eugene Herbert, said, “It is essential to emphasise the importance of maintaining stringent sanitisation processes to reduce the impact of the third wave on your business. While hand washing and sanitising are important, it takes much more than this alone.”

Herbert urged everyone to follow these rules:
• Wash and sanitise your hands at every opportunity, but if you do not have access to hand-washing facilities, at least sanitise them.
• If you receive stock or other items, spray or wipe it down with disinfectant as well as any areas other people may have touched.
• At the end of your shift, disinfect the vehicle so that either yourself or a co-worker can start the next shift with a fully sanitised car.
• With an alcohol-based disinfectant, clean the doors, door handles, dashboard, steering wheel, rear-view mirror, gearstick, handbrake, radio, arm rests, seatbelt and seat.
• Do not forget areas such as indicator levers, seat levers and even fuel cards.
• Wipe down the infotainment system as well, but rather avoid using an alcohol-based cleaner.
• Remember to sanitise the exterior of the vehicle: door handles, door frames and the exterior of the boot.
• If someone travels with you, do not forget to sanitise upon their exit.

Sanitising after a refuel:

• Do not forget to put your mask on.
• Make use of the tap function on your card.
• Keep hand sanitiser or wipes in your vehicle in case you need to touch the card machine.
• If you need a bathroom break, ensure you take sanitiser with you.
• Sanitise around your petrol cap both inside and out.
• Wipe down anywhere a petrol attendant may touch.

Source: MotorPress