Schoemansville woman held at gunpoint during house robbery

A woman was overpowered in her house in Schoemansville on Friday and held at gunpoint while armed robbers searched for valuables.

“The woman was resting at around 15:30 on Friday afternoon when four armed men lifted the security gate to the property off the rails to gain entry and broke open the front door of the house. She woke up with a firearm pointed at her head,” said Hartbeespoort community policing forum chairman, Romano van der Spuy.

“The robbers tied her hands and feet with cable ties and demanded that she tell them where the two safes and her husband’s Rolex watch were. She was surprised by this and told them there was only one small safe containing passports and her husband did not have a Rolex watch.”

The men took money from her handbag, cellphones, jewellery and the small safe before fleeing. The woman was not injured.