Scooter driver seriously injured after hitting pothole

A 24-year-old scooter driver sustained serious injuries after being thrown under a car after hitting a pothole in Ifafi on Saturday night.

The man was on his way to deliver food around 20:45 on Saturday when he drove through the pothole in Boem Crescent Street in Ifafi. “He was thrown off the scooter and under a car driving past. The car drove over his leg. He was seriously injured and is in hospital,” said Werner Nagel of Panarottis.

This is the second delivery staff member at Panarottis to be injured due to lack of maintenance by the Madibeng municipality. In July a 28-year-old scooter driver hit mounds of sand after swerving to avoid a hole in the road caused by a burst water pipe. The mounds of sand was left in Bloodwood Street in Melodie after the municipality attempted to fix a broken water pipe. It is currently still there.

“This is the second member of my staff to get injured because of Madibeng’s lack of concern for the community’s safety. In addition, I have had to fix our delivery scooters’ rims three times in the past month because of pothole damage,” Nagel said.

Ward councillors in the Hartbeespoort area have been pressuring the municipality for months to urgently attend to potholes and water leaks in the town, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.