The police have launched a search for the father of a 5-year-old girl after he attempted to kill her on a mountain in Skeerpoort in Hartbeespoort on Monday.

The child was found with serious stab wounds and cuts by security officers, police, and community members after an intensive search of the mountain. According to Gert du Plessis of Oostermoed security services, she was also beaten with rocks.

“According to information we received from the community, the father took the child from her home in the Schaumburg settlement on Sunday and did not return with her. The mother tried to reach him, but he did not answer his phone.

On Monday morning, he phoned the mother and told her he had killed the child and she must go search the mountain for the body,” said Du Plessis.

The community informed the security services, and the police were alerted. “About 200 community members, police and security officers combed the mountain and the child was found under rocks. She had stab wounds in her neck and a cut over her throat. She was also beaten with rocks in die face,” he said.
The child was rushed to Brits District Hospital by Oostermoed security officers and the police. She is in a serious condition.

Police spokesperson, Colonel Amanda Funani, said the police are investigating an attempted murder case and has launched a search for the father.

“We want to thank everyone who helped search for the child. Especially reservist constable Mike Schwarz, who went out of his way to assist, and staff at Brits hospital who immediately assisted the little girl,” Du Plessis said.

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