Security officers rushed to another scene on the N4 on Monday where a motorist was stranded after hitting rocks on the freeway. This was a mere two days after the two brutal murders on the same road.

According to Johan du Toit, manager of Protego Security, the motorist hit rocks on the freeway close to where a young father was shot and killed on Saturday. “He drove a distance away and then stopped. Luckily a fire truck drove past, turned around and returned to the motorist. A call for assitance was put on community groups in the area. We were not too far away and responded immediately. We were with the stranded motorist a few minutes later,” he said.

Du Toit and a fellow security officer waited with the motorist until help arrived and removed the rocks and bricks from the road.

“During the 40 minutes we waited with him, two traffic vehicles drove past and not one stopped to find out if we needed assistance. I was shocked.”

In light of the current life-threatening situation on the N4, Kormorant has asked the North West Department of Community Safety and Transport why traffic officers did not stop. We also requested a strong law enforcement visibility on the N4 at night to curb the attacks and murders.

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