The taxi associations in Brits have joined security companies and community policing forums in patrolling the Brits and Hartbeespoort areas following violent riots and looting in other parts of South Africa.

The Provincial Taxi Council North West and the Eastern Region Taxi Council on Tuesday advised all regional taxi offices to “distance themselves from the looting and vandalism occurring around the country. SANTACO North West is advised to stand firm by protecting towns, malls and shopping complexes surrounding their communities against possible criminal activities.”
Taxi associations in the Brits and Hartbeespoort areas have thrown their support behind the call and are currently, together with security companies and CPFs patrolling the areas to ensure peace and calm in the towns.
“The Eastern Regional Taxi Council has taken a decision to protect our towns and surrounding communities against looting, we will patrol the entire area against possible criminal activities that have been happening around the country. Starting tomorrow (Wednesday) all taxi associations (eastern region) have decided to come together. Starting at the bus rank, we will patrol the entire Brits and unite as one. We will be protecting the entire Brits businesses and communities,” the council said.
Private security companies and neighbourhood watches have been patrolling Hartbeespoort and Brits since the outbreak of violent riots the past week.
Hartbeespoort CPF chairman, Romano van der Spuy, said on Wednesday all was calm and quiet in the Hartbeespoort area. “No cases of riots, plundering and looting have been reported in the past few days. Police, security agencies and CPF structures are closely monitoring the situation. Shopping malls have also been placed on high alert. We appeal to residents to remain calm. The situation can rapidly change in a volatile situation. We therefore urge all community members to be vigilant and alert and report any abnormal activity to the police,” he said. “The Police have expressed their gratitude to the security agencies and CPF structures for helping to keep our area safe.”

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