“It is a dream come true, and an opportunity of a lifetime,” says Seth Vallance from Hartbeespoort who has been chosen for a rugby scholarship to study at the University of Nebraska Kearny.

Seth Vallance

Seth, ex Thornhill Primary School head boy of 2016, who played for the Wolverine under 21 squad, received a ruby scholarship from local mining company Newrak Mining and will be studying a business degree. Seth played rugby for the Wolverines earlier this year while he waited for Wayne State’s intake of autumn students.

Gerrie le Roux from Newrak Mining said that the company is happy to sponsor Seth for his business degree and is sure that he will prove himself on the rugby field. ‘Seth plays a solid game of rugby; we are eager to follow his progress overseas.’ said le Roux.

Shortly after he landed in Nebraska, rugby season kicked off with Wayne State playing in Minnesota last weekend.

“Our team is comprised of mainly South Africans. We are presently 5th on the log, but with a team this structured there is a good chance that we will rise to the top. The Wolverines provided me with tough training sessions which resulted in good form approaching this season. Rugby has been my passion since I was small. I have never felt so free as when I am on a rugby field,” he says.

“So far it has been an amazing experience. We arrived in a group of three in Omaha where we picked up our bags from a pretty small airport and were met at the entrance by two other South Africans who had arrived a day before us. Then we drove for about two hours through beautiful farmland where the sun only sets at 21:15. The people are super welcoming and are always ready to help and host us. It is unbelievable how hospitable and accommodating they are. I am super excited about my college rugby career. I can’t wait to play and make my home team proud.”

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