‘Shoot to kill’ threat as Tshwane locals plan protest against illegal immigrants

A local community leader called for peace as a voice note circulating on social media calls on foreign nationals to take up arms.

 Stock image: Ron Sibiya

Put South Africa First has vowed to continue marching in Tshwane against “the influx of undocumented and illegal immigrants, hijackings of buildings and violation of by-laws”.

The civic organisation and its allies postponed a march scheduled for last Saturday to await the Tshwane metro police approval of their route.

Organiser Monica Bow told Pretoria Rekord the march had been approved to start on Church Square en route to the Union Buildings via Tshwane House – something they didn’t want.

“We decided to postpone because we want to march via Sunnyside which was not agreed to,” said Bow.

But the planned march was already facing opposition on social media.

A voice note by a person who appeared to represent foreign nationals in the country criticised the march claiming that it aimed at attacking foreign nationals and damaging their property circulated on social media.

The man in the voice note that Pretoria Rekord has obtained calls on foreigners in the country particularly Sunnyside to fight back.

“Good day to all the foreigners in South Africa. As you know that we have a problem here of these cowards that have failed in life and they want to lay the blame on us. They want to burn our houses and take our shops. As we know that everybody who is here in South Africa was born of a woman and man and came to earth with nothing, and nobody owns anything here on earth. Everything that we have we shall leave it. So what we are doing, we are going to fight back,” the man said.

He said they were starting strategic groups in Sunnyside, Hillbrow in Johannesburg, Point Road in Durban and Khayelitsha in Cape Town.

“We have got guns so we are going to equip every group with at least eight guns.”

He said they were going to “shoot to kill” if they suspect somebody was coming for their lives.

Bow said it was not for the first time they received a voice note like that and it would not deter their mission to encourage the government to enforce the laws of the country.

She said they were fighting against the hijackings of buildings, illegal electricity connections and illegal immigrants in Sunnyside.

“All these affect the revenue collection as some do not pay for municipal services including water and electricity,” she said.

“People who are in the country illegally do not pay tax and unregistered spaza shops do not pay tax.”

She said her organisation was against violence, and it was the reason it had trained people to solve problems of the community without taking the law into their own hands… to follow the law.

“For two years, this is what we have been actively doing on the ground,” she said, adding that they worked together with Operation Dudula.

“When it is their march, we support them and they also support our marches.”

They want the government to put measures in place to solve the problem of the influx of illegal immigrants into the country.

Ward councillor Shaun Wilkinson calls for calm and peace. Photo: Ron Sibiya

Ward 56 councillor Shaun Wilkinson condemned messages that promote violence.

“We seem to have learnt nothing from the war in Ukraine and other conflicts around the world and especially on our own continent, Africa,” he said.

He urged all parties involved to engage in a peaceful dialogue under the auspices of the police, government and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

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