A couple were found on a bench with gunshot wounds to both their heads.

 Voëlklip in Herold’s Bay.

Local police have opened a murder as well as an attempted murder case following a shooting incident at Voëlklip earlier today.

According to Captain Malcolm Pojie, the Southern Cape police spokesperson, a passerby discovered the body of a man with his wife seated next to him on a bench in a critical condition at around 16:30. Both had gunshot wounds to their heads.

The wife was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

“It is believed that the couple in their mid to late seventies walked from their home in Herold’s Bay to one of the lookout points at Voëlklip. It’s further alleged that the husband first shot his wife and there after himself.”

No further information is available at this stage.

The cliff at Voëlklip has gained notoriety as nine vehicles have plunged down the slope since 2015.

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