Shoplifters caught after car chase

Two shoplifters who stole clothes at a clothing store at Sediba Plaza were arrested after a car chase in Ifafi on Saturday afternoon.

“At 12.40 on Saturday, a woman tried to leave the clothing store with clothing that was not paid for. Alert shop assistants and bystanders gave chase and caught up with her when she reached the getaway vehicle. She tossed a bag full of stolen clothing into a maroon Toyota RunX and her accomplice sped away,” said Hartbeespoort community policing forum spokesperson, Romano van der Spuy.

Local resident and member of the Ifafi/ Melodie Neighbourhood Watch, Martin Lubbe, gave chase and together with a security company forced the suspect off the road in Ouwapad opposite the Ifafi Centre. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the fleeing suspect as well as the suspect at the clothing store.
All clothing was recovered.