Shot hadedah rescued

It took Hartbeespoort’s ‘owl rescuers’ five days to catch a hadeda that had been shot with an arrow, and the bird, now named Cupid, is recuperating at a rescue centre in Hartbeespoort.

Brendan Murray of the Owl Rescue Centre received a message about a hadeda that was seen in Greenside in Johannesburg with an arrow protruding from its body and immediately went to see if the bird could be helped.
“When I got a call that it was in someone’s property, I went out but when I got there it flew off, surprisingly well. We followed it for hours but it flew from roof to roof and we finally decided to set up a feeding station on one of the residents’ property who had been feeding the birds,” Brendan says.
When the hadeda returned to the feeding station for three days in a row, Brendan set a net trap and waited. The bird finally ventured under the net and it was caught. It was taken to an animal clinic where the arrow was removed and it will now recuperate at the Owl Rescue Centre until the wound has properly healed and then it will be released.
“Luckily the arrow had penetrated through the shoulder blade en it could still fly well.” Although the rescue centre is primarily dedicated to owl rescue, Brendan and his wife regularly attend to other wild birds and animals.

Brendan Murray with the bird after it was caught.