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Side hustles are a good source of income. Which ones are worth considering?

The Covid-19 pandemic has adversely impacted the business world with many businesses shutting down and formally employed individuals losing jobs. Finding sources of income for many is now a priority. There are some jobs during the current times which are worth considering.

Virtual academic tutor – For those with skills in various academic fields, you can consider being a virtual academic tutor. With an increasing number of learners and students studying from home, virtual tutoring is not a bad idea.

Personal trainer – An increasing number of people are beginning to take health and fitness seriously. You can start offering virtual training sessions.

Dog walker -Dogs remain part of the community even under the pandemic and many people still need carers and walkers for their dogs especially those who are becoming busy with business and career commitments.

Food and groceries delivery -Food and grocery shopping and delivery services are needed now. You can take up this business for some much-needed income.

Virtual assistant – Many people especially business executives are in need of assistants especially as they work away from the office. If you have great organisational skills, this is an opportunity worth considering.

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