Kneading, rolling, shaping, and creating with clay is fun for children of all ages but also has a number of sensory development benefits.

How your child can benefit from playing with clay
 Making modelling clay is an easy DIY project that even the youngest children in the house can participate in.

You can squeeze, poke, punch, roll, pile, mould, and shape it. Playing with clay is enjoyable for all ages! However, it turns out that it is also beneficial to a child’s development. Here are six of the reasons why:

Promotes sensory development

Clay play is a multisensory activity that involves touch, sight, smell, and even sound. Is it slimy or is it dry? When you squeeze it, how does it sound? Children’s sensory skills can be strengthened as they learn to manipulate the material into various objects and forms.

Improves coordination and motor skills

It also aids in the development of large and fine motor abilities, as well as the little muscles in the hands and fingers. This improves dexterity and is useful for children colouring, cutting, and writing in school.

It’s healing

Clay play may be a very energising and yet calming pastime. Working with clay is a wonderful way to express feelings, a helpful stress reliever, and, because it is generally a leisurely activity, a peaceful pastime for children.

Increases attention span

Children are naturally driven to experiment with this exciting substance because it is so different from other arts, such as drawing. And, because clay is so malleable, mistakes can typically be corrected, preventing children from becoming irritated. In fact, clay can be so engrossing that children may play for extended periods of time without adult supervision!

It fosters creativity

Many toys are designed for imaginative play, but few allow youngsters to imagine and build something altogether new. Clay piques their interest, inspires them to problem-solve as they work on their project, and eventually leads them to create one-of-a-kind three-dimensional art. That’s really cool.

Improves self-esteem

What’s the best part? Children have the ability to create something out of nothing. The bowl may not be completely round, and the truck may not resemble a truck at all, but they made it. Children not only feel proud of what they created but also have a sense of accomplishment.

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